Long Term Care Insurance is underwritten by Genworth Life Insurance Company and in New York, Genworth Life Insurance Company of New York.


Your Plans and Dreams Are Important to You
But you can't overlook the possibility that down the road, if you needed some kind of long term care1, everything you've planned for could be at risk. Help protect your plans with AARP Long Term Care Insurance.2

It is designed to help cover the high costs of long term care, like assisted living (in CA: Residential Care) or in home care. The national median cost of care is over seventy five thousand dollars a year.3 And generally, long term care is not covered by health insurance or Medicare.

AARP Long Term Care Insurance can help protect your assets, your family, the things you've worked hard to build. Choose from a range of affordable plans that include coverage for assisted living, nursing facility and in home long term care coverage. And typically, the younger and healthier you are when you apply, the lower your rates will be.

These plans are offered by Genworth Life Insurance Company2, a leader in long term care insurance4 with over 35 years experience, and they're endorsed by AARP.

Long term care is just one of those things many of us may have to face. If you have dreams, and we all do, now is the time to protect them with AARP Long Term Care Insurance.

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1Long term care includes the care and services provided to a person who requires supportive help or supervision for a period expected to last 90 days or more. It includes the assistance needed with the Activities or Daily Living (ofter called ADLs) such as eating, bathing, dressing or moving from a bed to a chair, when  faced with chronic disease, disability or sudden illness. It also refers to the supervision that may be needed with a severe cognitive impairment, such as Alzheimer's Disease or other mental illness or brain disorders, that can limit a person's ability to think or reason.

2Long term care insurance underwritten by Genworth Life Insurance Company (Genworth Life) and in New York, Genworth Live Insurance Company of NY (Genworth Life of NY), Administrative Offices, Richmond Virginia. Genworth Life and Genworth Life of NY are Genworth Financial companies. Depending on your state, coverage offered may be individual or group insurance.

3National annual median cost for a private nursing home room. Genworth [2010] Cost of care Survey conducted by CareScout®, [April 2010]

4LifePlans 2009 Long Term Care Individual and Group Associate Top Writers Survey Results. Based on the number of individual policies sold in 2009 and individual policies in force as of 12/31/09.



106589 (06/15/10)

**AARP® Long Term Care Insurance:
AARP Long Term Care Insurance is underwritten by Genworth Life Insurance company, and in New York, Genworth LIfe Insurance Company of New York. Coverage may vary by state and may be offered under Group Policy Number 07101 using policy form 7046 series, Group Policy Number M00001 issued to Trustees of the AARP Insurance Plan using policy form series 7050, or under individual long term care insurance policies 7044 Rev and 7048. Policy numbers may be followed by the state's two letter abbreviation. For example, 7044FL Rev, 7044PA Rev, 7044TX Rev, 7044VT Rev. Not all policies are available in all states. Complete details of the benefits, cost, limitations and exclusions will be provided to you by a licensed insurance agent/insurance producer or the company. A licensed insurance agent/insurance producer will contact you regarding the solicitation of insurance. Genworth Life Insurance Company of New York are Genworth Financial companies.

Sources are available from a licensed insurance agent/insurance producer or the company.

AARP endorses AARP Long Term Care Insurance underwritten by Genworth Life Insurance Company, and in New York, Genworth Life Insurance Company of New York. Both companies pay a royalty fee to AARP for use of the AARP intellectual property. Amounts paid are used for the general purposes of AARP and its members. Neither AARP nor its affiliate is the insurer. For more information, please go to http://assets.aarp.org/www.aarp.org_/TopicAreas/annual_reports/assets/AARPConsolidatedFinancialStatements.pdf.

AARP and its affiliate are not insurance agencies or carriers and do not employ or endorse insurance agents brokers, representatives or advisors.

AARP does not recommend health-related products, services, insurance or programs. Insurance products carrying the AARP name are intended to be competitive products and may not be the lowest priced products. You are strongly encouraged to evaluate your needs and compare products. 

The AARP Insurance Plant ("Trust") is a trust that holds the master group insurance policies. Participants are issued certificates of insurance under the policies. The benefits of participating in an insurance program carrying the AARP name are solely the right to apply for the insurance coverage and ancillary services provided by the program in which you participate. Neither the Trust nor AARP provide insurance or guarantee the benefits offered by the insurer.

Premiums are collected from you on behalf of the trustees of the Trust. These premiums are used to pay expenses incurred by the Trust in connection with the insurance programs and to pay the insurance company for your insurance coverage. Income earned from the investment of premiums while on deposit with the Trust is paid to AARP and used for the general purposes of AARP and its members.