Prescription Drug Plan

Medicare Part D plans are designed to help make prescription drug costs more predictable. With the rising costs of prescription drugs, enrolling in a Medicare Part D plan may be a smart way of insuring yourself against the unexpected. Even if you are relatively healthy, enrolling could save you money in the future.

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Benefits of AARP® MedicareRx Plans

The AARP® MedicareRx Plans, insured through UnitedHealthcare, offer simple, reliable protection to help you manage the cost of your prescription drugs. If you are eligible for Medicare, these plans are available to you, even if you’re not a member of AARP.

UnitedHealthcare offers a $0 deductible plan1 to help you save money, as well as a low-cost plan for peace of mind. While both plans feature drug lists that include thousands of prescription drugs, they offer slightly different coverage and different drug lists.

Other benefits include:

  • A Preferred Retail Pharmacy Network designed to help you save money on your prescription drug co-pays. UnitedHealthcare has worked with many retail pharmacies to help you get the savings you’ve been looking for.2
  • A large pharmacy network with 65,000+ convenient locations, including large retail chains and small local pharmacies.
  • A Preferred Mail Service Pharmacy that helps you save money on your prescriptions and the time it takes to get them.2

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