Health Products

Below is a list and brief explanation of all the insurance and healthcare options available to you with your AARP membership.



Medicare Advantage

Medicare coverage that can combine hospital (Part A), doctor (Part B) and drug coverage (Part D) into one simple plan.  Learn More

Medicare Part D

Medicare Part D plans to help make prescription drug costs more predictable. Learn More

Medicare Supplement

Helps with some expenses Medicare doesn't pay. Learn More




Vision Insurance

Exclusive access to three unique plans. (This program is currently available in CA, OH, IL and NJ only.) Learn More

Exclusive Dental Coverage

Individual or family coverage for the most common dental procedures. Learn More

Health Discounts


Vision Discounts

Savings on eye care and eyewear at optical locations nationwide. Learn More

Hearing Care

Hearing means living: Improve your life with exclusive savings and discounts on a wide range of digital hearing aids and hearing aid accessories. Learn More

Prescription Discounts

Prescription drugs are expensive. But you don’t need to pay full price for them. Access this free prescription discount card with your AARP membership. Learn More